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Riflescope vs Red dot sights: which hunting optics is best?

Being a first-time hunting rifle owner can be pretty daunting. There are so many options to choose from which can be very overwhelming if you are just starting. One example would be optics. Two popular choices often come up in discussions namely the traditional riflescope and the newer red dot scope. Both have a great following with enthusiasts swearing over their effectivity and reliability. But which one should you get? Here are some of the few key points to look at to help you decide which of the two is best for you.

Shooting purpose

Though there has been an ongoing discussion of what the difference between the two is, users must understand that they both excel in different shooting scenarios. They are designed to meet specific needs which new and experienced users need to account for.

Red dots are great for close range, quick target acquisition. They are perfect for scenarios where speed and accuracy are important like following a fast-moving target such as a fleeing startled animal.

A red dot scope, on the other hand, is great for long-distance shooting. Rifles like them magnify and focus on far-away targets with high accuracy. This optic has been around the longest between the two and has been improved throughout the years.

If you want fast accurate targeting or following a quickly moving target, then red dots are for you. If you need a reliable optic that is great for long-distance and precise shooting, scopes are the way to go. See more at The Barn


Riflescopes⁠—⁠like a Vortex scope—perfectly takes the cake on this one. They come in various magnification powers. The common ones are 1x to 4x though higher magnification is also available. These are perfect ranges especially for beginners who are still getting the hang of it. Red dots, however, do not enjoy this feature though. They usually do not offer magnification and are therefore quite difficult to use on longer distances.

Eye relief

Eye relief is the distance between your eyes from the scope/sights. This is especially important because it involves safety as well as accurate shot placement. Scopes are especially affected by this since any small changes can have a big impact on your shooting. A shooter must maintain a safe distance so the recoil does not hit their eyes but they should not be too far that they have difficulty in targeting.

Red dot scopes, on the other hand, have no difficulty whatsoever. You remain accurate even if the gun is held at arm’s length. These means the shooter saves time in aligning the sights to pulling the trigger perfect for quick shooting scenarios.

So, which one is best?

The short answer is it depends. The long answer is if you value compact and accurate sights for short-ranged shooting and target tracking, go for the red dot scope. If instead, you want reliable and accurate shooting over long distances, your best bet would be a rifle scope.

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