Sunday, August 9

How to Find the Best SEO Reseller Program for Yourself

The world of business is getting fiercely competitive day after day, and the number of businesses needing search engine optimisation (SEO) services to help boost their online presence is also increasing. As the demand increases, SEO companies are finding it difficult to meet the needs of their clients, so they enlist the help of third-party providers. However, with so many resellers out there, it can also be difficult to select the best service. So, if you are one of these companies, how can you choose the best SEO reseller program for yourself? Easy—just keep in mind the following aspects.

seo reseller program


1. Scalability

As one who is providing SEO services yourself, you should know which services you should outsource to resellers. While you can opt to let a reseller handle all things for you in a certain campaign, it is still best to just choose the tasks that really need to be outsourced. With that said, you should opt for a scalable programme. Of course, you should also make sure that the reseller has enough resources to cater to your growing needs.

2. Localised Search

Generally, your clients are small businesses operating in their local areas. So, when choosing a reseller programme, it should include localised search done by experts who have already been working on niche products or industries for several years. As the number of your clients would most probably continue to grow, you should also consider having a programme that can cater to your increasing needs.

3. Content

An SEO reseller program would not be complete without content development. When choosing one for yourself, make sure it is provided by a company with a team of writers whose style fits your client’s standards. They should also be versatile in their tone of writing. This way, they can write content that would look natural on your clients’ websites, while representing their brands well.

4. White Hat Solutions

Considering that Google and other search engines only consider good SEO practices, you should also only go for a programme that uses white-hat solutions. Remember that using black-hat strategies would hurt your clients in the long run. And, all the blame will fall down on you. This means that you could lose good relationships with clients and even your business altogether.

5. Cost and Payment Options

Like with other services, prices can vary from one reseller programme to another. This means that you should consider your budget when deciding on a programme for yourself. On a similar note, it is also important to look into the payment options a reseller is providing. Typically, resellers accept payments monthly or annually, so find an arrangement that fits your billing cycle.

6. Continued Service

Keep in mind that a good reseller does not immediately stop their obligations after selling a particular service. They should see to it that their client is satisfied by monitoring the performance and progress of the programme they implemented. Better yet, they would suggest more solutions to see even greater results.

Of course, you should get an SEO reseller program provided by a company that you can trust. Ideally, they should have been providing reseller programmes to a number of clients for many years already. While things can still go wrong, they should be able to handle situations efficiently. In this regard, you should look no further than