Monday, May 10

7 DON’TS to Ponder in Seeking an Event’s Venue in Brisbane

Even an experienced event planner recognizes the fact that picking a venue Brisbane hospitality industry offers can make or break the success of an affair.  Getting the right place to hold the occasion is a challenging task because even the minutest detail should not be overlooked; it may be the root for a major setback, both for the host and the attendees.

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Location research and negotiations will take a lot of time, in most cases. It is also hard to determine if you really arrive into a good and worthy deal. Below are the DON’Ts and the useful considerations if you want to choose the correct venue.

#1. Don’t forget to consider the capacity vis-à-vis the number of attendees

With the number of event participants in mind, do not forget to ask for the capacity of the venue. It must be cozy enough to gather the final figure of attendees for a sit-down or cocktail style dining. Ask the management if the area can also be divided into small spaces for some intimate gatherings.

#2. Don’t get a venue that caters another party on the same date as yours

There are venues that will also cater parties on the same schedule. The worst part is if both parties are in the same area with drapes and thin walls only as the separator then it would be a sure chaos. For bigger events, you must ensure that the spaces are all yours.

#3.  Don’t get the venue that has no sufficient parking options

Most likely, parking is the issue faced by event attendees. It is difficult to walk many blocks from a public parking to the occasion’s area. If the venue has no onsite parking, at least ask for possible parking options that are near the building. For example, street parking, or some nearby available spots designated as car parks.

#4. Don’t forget to check on amenities and facilities

Is there an equipment to play your favourite tunes from your iPod or external drive? And is the volume of the sounds regulated? Check if the venue has AV facilities, too, that have the complete sets of speakers and microphones.  If you want more, many venue Brisbane providers would allow outside suppliers if need be.

#5. Don’t overlook the pre-event and post-event arrangements

Does the venue own onsite accessories, decorations and furniture? Likely, the owner of the venue will set the area a day before the affair. Make sure to level-off the management on the theme and type of space arrangement you desire.  You may return the next morning to inspect the final setup. Also an important question is, will the management allow customization from outside providers? Normally, providers of events venue Brisbane has will allow but must follow their restrictions. Rules may include the following: as long as the décor will not ruin existing ones, the decorator will not use nails/screws/glues, and replacement of existing perishable decors utilized.

#6. Don’t forget to pay the deposit

One way of securing a booking is to pay the deposit required. With that, the events venue Brisbane has will be yours on the date. The amount of the deposit is in accordance to the type of booking you made.

#7. Don’t overlook the cancellation policy

In most cases, all payments are forfeited should the client cancels the booking. Make sure about everything before laying the money down.

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